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We’ll match you to our network of funders to secure a loan for your property project.

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We welcome project recommendations from experienced industry professionals.


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We’ll match you to a viable property project and pay monthly returns on your investment.

How TAB Works

  • TAB provides short-term bridging loans for property projects. We do this by matching people who want to borrow, with people who want to invest.
  • Our borrowers get fast, short-term access to the capital they need to complete their projects.
  • Our funders get access to a variety of exciting investment opportunities and a guaranteed monthly return.

It’s as black and white as that.


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About TAB.

TAB The Gold Standard In Black & White Lending.

I started TAB in February 2018 because I saw the need for a quality private funding model in the UK property finance sector. Some of the most exciting development opportunities don’t fit well within the constraints of traditional lenders’ more rigid, often computer generated criteria for funding.

TAB has the flexibility to consider the wider spectrum of a borrower’s circumstances, meaning we’ll happily finance a whole variety of non-traditional and short-term projects. Myself and my team have decades of property market experience behind us, so we can quickly deliver bespoke finance based on the potential of each individual project. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround and responsiveness to real time changes in the property market.

Ultimately, the buck stops with me. Throughout my 10 years of lending I have overseen more than £2.5bn of new loans and managed a loan book from £0 to £250m. I’ve learnt what borrowers need and funders demand. At TAB our practices are straight forward. We charge no hidden fees. We understand that speed is important and that accounts need to be clear and easily accessible.

I know the value of keeping things simple and transparent for everyone. That’s lending in black and white.

Who Do We Lend To?

At TAB we know that every borrower is unique. We have the flexibility to consider the broadest range of circumstances and the property market experience to recognize potential where traditional lenders see risk.

    Refurbishment/redevelopment loans of all for properties of sizes and complexity

  • Developer exit loans for completed and nearly completed projects in need of extra finance
  • Auction completing loans
  • Commercial bridging loans to expand property portfolios
  • Mortgage bridging loans, when traditional lenders can’t complete quickly enough.

Home Much Do We Lend?

TAB loans are designed to provide a steady cash flow for short term projects that have a clear exit strategy. Loans are available for up to 70% of the valuation of your project, including the cost of borrowing.  We charge a fixed rate of interest at 12% per annum, with no exit fees. The loan is repayable at 1% per month, with a portion of this being paid out to our funders.

How Is TAB Different?

What sets TAB apart in the bridging loan market is our combination of technology and experience. Our streamlined application process means borrowers can receive an agreement in principle really quickly.

All our loans are closely scrutinized by our team of seasoned property professionals and we have an extensive network of partners and service providers on hand to help.

Why Become A TAB Funder?

TAB Funders enjoy the benefits of investing in property without the labour, the management costs and the high barriers to entry. By pooling your funds together in our private finance model, you can access opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach as a solo investor. We require a minimum commitment of £25,000, but you choose the projects that suit your investment style and can invest in one or more open projects.

All of our loans are short-term (typically less than 12 months), so your money stays liquid. We charge borrowers 1% per month, of which you get 0.75%. That works out at a healthy 9% annual return.

The TAB Approach

Following an initial enquiry, borrowers apply for a short-term loan through our application process. A decision in principle will follow soon after.
The TAB team gets to work on valuation and documentation. We use bespoke loan assessment tools to guarantee a fast turnaround.
Borrowers are matched with funders on the TAB platform. Funds are typically available within just 14 days.

The TAB. Team

The TAB team are passionate property professionals with decades of experience between them. Meet the Team.

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